Audrey, 9 Months

You’ll notice a couple of different things in this monthly photo from all the previous ones. For one, we’ve added rail protectors to the crib, because Audrey is now pulling to standing! Second, Audrey is a much more active baby these days and it is hard to get her to sit still for these photos! … Continue reading


9 Months On, 9 Months Off

Today, 3 days away from the “9 months on, 9 months off” imaginary postpartum weight loss deadline I gave myself, I completed my first race running with Audrey in tow (in the BOB stroller). I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to run 6.2 miles pushing a 25 lb stroller and a 16.5 lb … Continue reading


Audrey, 8 Months

When they say a baby’s first year is crammed with new developments, they aren’t kidding! In the last month, Audrey has started crawling, eating finger foods (using her pincer grasp!), clapping to music (and when she gets excited), and saying “ba-ba” (dada in Chinese) and “ma-ma.” She’s on a whirlwind discovery tour of this world … Continue reading


Audrey, 7 Months

Watch out world! 7 month old Audrey is on the move! She hasn’t quite figured out crawling forward yet, but she’s pushing with her arms and crawling backwards all over the house. Mommy has to keep an eye on this busy body, I think our immobile baby days are over! Last week Audrey celebrated her … Continue reading


Audrey, 6 Months

Audrey celebrated her half birthday this week! I can’t believe my little nursling is halfway to being 1 year old. Audrey now sits well unsupported, is eating all sorts of fruits and veggies (in puree form), and is babbling “baba” (Dada in Chinese) and “mama” constantly! I won’t count those as her first words since … Continue reading


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