Makeup Drawer Remake

I’m no beauty product junkie, but have somehow still managed to accumulate quite a bit of makeup.  At the previous house, I had the luxury of extra counter space for all the makeup trays and bags and brushes I wanted to pile up.  However, anyone who lives in a older home knows that precious counter space is hard to come by and needs to be reserved for the most essential items to avoid clutter.  Furthermore, now that we only have one bathroom (oh the horror!), I need to keep the bathroom clutter free for guests.  So logically, the makeup went into the drawer in the vanity.  But trying to hunt for the right lip gloss in a drawer full of product is painful, and it was impossible to find drawer organizers that fit the exact dimensions of the vanity.  Enter The Container Store to the rescue, offering a customizable drawer organizer system of plastic strips and adhesive mounts that are easy to cut to fit your drawer.  The 2 inch depth strips were $15, and I had about half the package leftover after installing the strips for the new, organized, and sanity-friendly makeup drawer.


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