Not an Inch to Spare

One of the toughest things about transitioning from a newer home to a vintage bungalow is the lack of closet space.  Walk-in closets are simply not reasonable when you’re living in 1000 square feet.  The two closets in the spare bedroom are just a tad deeper than regular reach-in closets.  Those extra 8 inches between my clothes and the front of the closet simply cannot be wasted, especially if you’re a shoe lover like me.

Have I mentioned I love The Container Store?  The modular shoe organizers can be assembled in many different combinations for custom storage solutions.  A single column of these fit perfectly on both side of the closet door (as seen in the photo above) and when double stacked, they also fit snugly on the shelf on top of the closet.  All of my shoes are now visible from just opening the closet door, no more messy stacking shoe boxes!

And of course there’s also the over the door shoe organizer as pictured in the first photo.  Over 100 pairs of shoes organized neatly into a 64 inch by 32 inch closet, I used to have a walk-in closet that barely fit all this stuff!


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