DIY Wall of Spice

As much as I love organizing, food gets the honor of being my first love.  That’s probably why this wall of spice has thus far been my favorite organization project.  I have a rather large collection of eclectic spices, and it always bothered me that my spice bottles weren’t homogeneous (McCormick doesn’t carry Sichuan peppercorns, doh!)  Furthermore, keeping my spices in a cabinet meant that digging for the Turmeric in the back row wreaked havoc onto any organization of the spice bottles.  Using inspiration from DuhBe, I used a combination of IKEA Ribba picture ledges and Rajtan spice jars to create these four shelves of spices, with papercuts of boars (Chinese astrological sign of both myself and my husband) framed in square Ribba frames serving as placeholders for additional future spice jars.  The wrapped edges of the picture ledges give a little extra security to the spice jars.

A close up of the spice jars shows the 1″ round Avery silver metallic mailing seals I used to print the labels for the jars, which blended in nicely with the chrome jar lids for a uniform look.

Here’s a photo of the wall of spice that shows scale, it sits atop an IKEA Spontan magnetic board, which features a magnetic organizer from The Container Store for stamps, pens, scissors, keys, receipts, and a notepad.  Wall decor that is functional?  Count me in!

4 Responses to “DIY Wall of Spice”
  1. Luci says:

    Wow! That turned out really great. I am truly tickled that I inspired another wall o’ spice. You will love cooking with that setup. And your silver circle labels are an excellent idea. Love it!

  2. AG says:

    Just what I have been looking or for my massive collection of 50+ rajtan spice jars!

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