Re-Dressing the Dresser

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, my Dad rescued a pinewood dresser, refinished it, and put in baskets where there were missing drawers.

This dresser has served us well, that is until we moved into a 1950’s bungalow with original pinewood flooring. As seen in the photo above, the pinewood dresser just blends in with the floor. Pine on pine, not a desirable look.

I thought about doing a white-wash antique finish on the dresser, maybe for a hint of French country chic. But it just isn’t me. I love the look of French country chic in other people’s homes, but “shabby chic” is not my personal style. Moreover, I hate the idea of painting a piece of solid wood furniture, because it’s an action that is not easily undone. I always second guess when I feel the desire to paint over real wood furniture or brick. It’s a quick solution, but the change is fairly permanent, and I’m just indecisive.

So we did a “subtle” makeover. Thanks to Anthropologie’s massive selection of vintage style hardware, we found some cream colored ceramic melon knobs to spice up the dresser, to break up the wood on wood look with a little flare.

Throw in a faux sheepskin rug from IKEA, and we’ve got some interesting neutrals on top of the pinewood.

For now, I really like the way the knobs match the lining of the baskets. I’m also a bit obsessed with the wood-tone rich mid-century modern architectural style. But if I were to go French country (or the newly trendy Gustavian) style in the future, I think these knobs would look fabulous on a white-washed dresser as well!

Close up of the ceramic melon knobs below:


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