Stolmen in My Closet

The room we were using as our office/guest bedroom had those 1950’s twin reach-in closets. You know, two side by side closets where neither one is big enough to hold anything substantial?

Then one day we had a revelation. Why don’t we knock down the wall between the two closets and make one big closet? One that’s actually large enough to be useful… one that could hold both of our clothes (is that possible?)

Dear friends, it is possible. I, a woman with over 100 pairs of shoes and a dress shopping addiction, fit all of her clothing, purses, shoes, accessories, etc into this aforementioned remodeled closet, along with her husband’s things… thanks to the IKEA Stolmen system.

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the combined closet now consists of a 30″ IKEA PAX shelving along the far left wall holding my purses and boots, two 46″ Stolmen units directly where the doors are, and one 25″ Stolmen unit between the two 46″ units (behind that wall in the middle, so you can’t see it). Since hubby and I are both engineers, we drew up some plans for the closet before installation (and did a cost estimate spreadsheet and maybe some 3-D renderings), but I’ll just leave you with a peek at the piece of paper that started it all.

Let’s take a closer look at the Stolmen system at work! Below is a view of the larger (46″) Stolmen drawers, with 4 Skubb organizers between them.

The large Stolmen drawers are holding mostly shirts and workout clothes. The drawers are so big, I’ve got all my shirts organized by color!

The smaller Skubb boxes serve as the perfect containers for accessories. I’ve got two of them for my jewelry (efficiently organized in the Skubb box thanks to stacking acrylic trays from The Container Store).

And hubby’s got two boxes to hold his ties, also neatly organized thanks to a customizable sock organizer from The Container Store.

Next to the 46″ Stolmen is a 25″ set of drawers.

I took advantage of the small size of these drawers to organize my unmentionables. I won’t subject you to pictures of my OCD style organization of  bras by color and style.

The second 46″ Stolmen section is just two rows of hanging space, one for the hubby, one for me (it’s the right side door section in the second photo). But of course, we have to fit my shoes somewhere! Some found homes in a shelf above my husband’s shirts (organized with modular shoe organizers from The Container Store).

And others found their home in that tiny gap of space between the my hanging shirts and the closet front wall.

And then there’s the PAX unit on the far left wall of the closet, holding my purses and our seasonal clothes (swimsuits and ski pants) in IKEA Malla clothing boxes.

I’ve always had trouble getting my purses to sit upright on shelves. But no more! I discovered the power of the 4-sort divider at The Container Store. They’re not just good for organizing your baking sheets and serving plates in your kitchen cabinets. They’re also great for keeping floppy purses sitting up straight!Lastly, those tall boots need a home somewhere, and they’re housed lovingly below my purposes on the PAX shelves, with rolled up magazines keeping their shafts upright.

And with that, we switched bedrooms. The former office/guest room is now our room, and all of our clothes fit into the closet in our bedroom!

One Response to “Stolmen in My Closet”
  1. Kelly says:

    Thank you for sharing these pictures. After a trip to Ikea today I was curious as to whether or not I could make their closet sytems work in regular existing closets. Now, seeing your pictures I believe that we can.

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