Audrey’s Birth Story

Perhaps the title of this post should be my pregnancy story, as Audrey’s actual delivery was smooth and short. She was born via c-section on July 9, at 4:45pm, after my water broke and due to her breech position. I had an exceptionally easy pregnancy.  I barely had any nausea in my first trimester, only … Continue reading

Audrey, 1 Week New

It’s a good thing my nesting instinct kicked in at the last minute and we got the nursery/office/guest room finished! Baby Audrey joined us a week ago on July 9, her birth story to come soon! In the mean time, here are some exciting happenings during Audrey’s first week of life. Weight: 7.2 lbs Height: … Continue reading

Nursery for Baby & Office for Mom

With the house in full baby count-down mode, I realized I had better blog about our nursery/office/guest room before I’m fully submerged in the world of new mommyhood! Not surprisingly, the theme behind this tri-purpose room is storage and organization. Efficient storage is simply a coerced way of life in a small living space. I … Continue reading