Audrey, 2 Months


Only 2 months old and Audrey has already started school! She’s destined to be a nerd like her parents. Coursework includes Introduction to Tummy Time and Bottle Feeding 101. She’s the youngest and smallest baby at daycare and all the other babies are fascinated by her!

Weight: 9.6 lbs

Height: 22.0 in

Hair: Fuzzy wavy dark brown, definitely more like Daddy’s hair than Mommy’s!

Eyes: Hazel

Favorite Activity: Smiling! Audrey has found her social smile and loves to smile when tickled.

Fun Adventure: Breakfast with the Stephens at Tacodeli (currently Audrey’s favorite hang out) where Audrey got to meet future foodie friend Hope! Hope is already eating all sorts of fun foods like peas with mint and carrots with cinnamon. In just a few months, Audrey will be exploring the world of flavor profiles, too! Right now she just prefers mama’s milk.



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