Audrey, 3 Months


“Okay then, we hold the world ransom for… One… Hundred… BILLION DOLLARS!”

Only 3 months old and Audrey has added some extracurricular activities to her schedule! We started Bathtime Babies at Emler Swim School and attended a parent & child Chinese lesson at Toybrary by Chinese with Meggie. Swim class was definitely Audrey’s favorite activity all week so we’ll be continuing with that. Audrey’s attention span is a bit too short for a 45 minute language class right now, so we’ll probably try again in the spring. It would be a great Daddy and Audrey activity as Daddy also wants to learn Chinese.

Swim Class:


Chinese Class:


Weight: 12.0 lbs

Height: 23 in

Hair: Fuzzy soft dark brown, still curly when wet!

Eyes: Hazel, turning more brown

Favorite Activity: Talking! No words yet but Audrey’s definitely discovering her voice. She’s a cooing, babbling, baby-talking machine. Her latest, making cat-like meowing noises…

Fun Adventure: Weekend trip to Grandma and Grandpa Frinks’ in The Woodlands to celebrate Gigi’s 90th birthday with cousins Kaylynn and Ben! 90 days old vs. 90 years old, life is an amazing thing.



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