Audrey, 4 Months


4 months old and Audrey is a regular in the Austin foodie scene. Now that she’s sitting up well with support from Mommy or Daddy, she’s a regular at all of Austin’s finest dining establishments. This month we hit up Spanish brunch at Fino, Japanese izakaya at The Dojo, and some charcuterie fun at Salt & Time. I can’t wait until she can actually taste the fun adventures with her parents!

Weight: 12.6 lbs

Height: 24 in

Hair: Fuzzy soft dark brown

Eyes: Still hazel! Though we’re convinced they’ll be brown any day now.

Favorite Activity: Laughing. Audrey has been bitten by the tickle monster, she lets out big belly laughs when Daddy makes funny noises at her.

Fun Adventure: Halloween party where Daddy and Audrey dressed up as Gru and his mini minion from Despicable Me. This ensemble earned us third place in the Bump Club and Beyond Austin Lil’ Monster costume contest!



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