Audrey, 5 Months


5 months old and Audrey is starting to do all sorts of fun tricks! She rolls over from tummy to back and sits up unsupported by herself for a minute or two. Her new favorite hangout spot in the house is her IKEA Antilop high chair,


which is convenient because just a week shy of her 5 month birthday we introduced Audrey to tastes of some solid foods! So far Audrey has tried sweet potato, banana, and avocado. She also caught her first cold the week before Thanksgiving.  Ah all the adventures in growing up, good and bad.

Weight: 13.7 lbs

Height: 24.5 in

Hair: Fuzzy slightly wavy “goose down” brown, identical to Daddy’s hair!

Eyes: Mostly brown with a tinge of greenish blue.

Favorite Activity: So many things! Audrey loves eating bananas, gets quite fixated on the spinning toy on her exersaucer, and is fascinated by her furry sibling Lonestar!

Audrey tries solid foods for the first time:

Audrey plays in exersaucer:

Audrey bonds with Lonestar:

Fun Adventure: Thanksgiving at Grandpa Chen and Grandma Wu’s house in Tyler, the farthest Audrey has traveled from home so far. She had a great time watching Thanksgiving Day college football!



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