Audrey, 6 Months


Audrey celebrated her half birthday this week! I can’t believe my little nursling is halfway to being 1 year old. Audrey now sits well unsupported, is eating all sorts of fruits and veggies (in puree form), and is babbling “baba” (Dada in Chinese) and “mama” constantly! I won’t count those as her first words since I’m not sure she associates them with the correct meanings at this point, but it is amazing to hear her add new sounds to her “vocabulary”. This was a busy month for Audrey as she celebrated her first Christmas, went on her first vacation (including her first flight!), and started daycare full time and Chinese class once a week.

Weight: 14.2 lbs

Height: 25 in

Hair: Fuzzy slightly wavy “goose down” brown, identical to Daddy’s hair!

Eyes: Mostly brown with a tinge of greenish blue.

Favorite Activity: Eating! I guess Audrey takes after her mama, she gets so excited when we put her in the high chair for solids! So far her favorite foods include cinnamon apples, bananas, beets, and avocado.

Audrey is surprised by a little black pepper in her roasted buttercup squash:

Audrey’s “beetstache”:


Fun Adventure: Going on a week long trip with Mommy & Daddy to Oregon! Audrey flew for the first time, and even got upgraded to first class where she met Portlandia star Carrie Brownstein. More on our first travels with baby in tow in a separate post later, but here’s our first family vacation photo in front of Multnomah Falls!


This past month Audrey also made lots of new baby friends!

First she went on a play date with Josie:


Then she savored some delicious Texas BBQ from Stiles Switch BBQ with Evan:


And then hung out in Oregon with Zoe and Mila!

1487393_10104277821213874_1385713143_n (1)


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