Audrey, 8 Months


When they say a baby’s first year is crammed with new developments, they aren’t kidding! In the last month, Audrey has started crawling, eating finger foods (using her pincer grasp!), clapping to music (and when she gets excited), and saying “ba-ba” (dada in Chinese) and “ma-ma.” She’s on a whirlwind discovery tour of this world and it’s hard to keep up!

Weight: 15.8 lbs

Height: 26.5 in

Hair: Fuzzy medium brown. It seems to be getting lighter in color!

Eyes: Brown with a ring of green around the edges of her pupils

Favorite Activity: Laughing! Ever since she started crawling, we have noticed a huge personality change in Audrey. She is much happier being able to get to what she wants rather than sitting and waiting for mommy and daddy to move her. She is constantly smiling and laughing and bouncing, my giggly babe.

Fun Adventure: Audrey went to Toybrary for the first time to check out their toy collection for lending! She is a fan of the doll house.


Audrey crawls for the first time!

Audrey says “ba-ba”:

Audrey says “ma-ma”:

Audrey went on her second date with Evan. This time for breakfast at Epoch Coffee.


Audrey visited Grandma Wu and Grandpa Chen for spring break and checked out their neighborhood playground:


Evolution of Grasp

It’s been fascinating to watch Audrey start to eat finger foods and gradually get better at picking up the pieces and depositing them in her mouth. Since mommy is a nerd, she read all about the evolution of grasp development, and here are the rough phases in developing her pincer grasp. This all happened in the course of 1 month!

1. Audrey develops a radial palmer grasp, where she picks up large chunks of food between her thumb and the rest of her fingers. Here is an example of Audrey using the radial palmer grasp to pick up brussels sprouts halves.


2. Audrey develops a raking grasp, where she can separate all her fingers to “rake in” food pieces. Here is an example of Audrey using the raking grasp to pick up an apple puff.


3. Finally, Audrey develops a rough pincer grasp, where she is able to pick up food pieces between her thumb and index finger. Here she is roughly doing this with a piece of broccoli.


She is still perfecting her pincer grasp but I must say it’s amazing how quickly she is improving these skills!


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