Audrey, 10 Months

IMG_7757 (2)

These monthly photos are getting more and more difficult with a baby who just won’t sit still! Audrey now zooms across the room with her speedy crawl and is pulling up on everything in sight! She is getting very close to standing independently as she barely holds on while standing. At the moment Audrey’s top two middle teeth are cutting through, and she’ll probably have at least four teeth total by next month. With all these baby teeth coming in, we’ve introduced Audrey to a training toothbrush which she loves to chew on during bath time.


Weight: 17.3 lbs

Height: 27 .5 in

Hair: Fuzzy light to medium brown, gets wavy when wet or in humid weather. Looks like Audrey got Daddy’s hair.

Eyes: Mostly brown.

Favorite Activity: Bouncing! Audrey shows her happiness by bouncing, and she especially loves to bounce and dance to music!

Here is Audrey clapping and bouncing to music in Chinese class:

Fun Adventure: Audrey got a feel for the growing Texas craft brewing scene with a picnic at Real Ale’s anniversary party in Blanco. Here she is enjoying the scenery while Daddy enjoys his brews.


This month Audrey celebrated her first Easter. She wasn’t too impressed by the visit to the Easter Bunny but did enjoy posing for some photos with her own bunny ears.


With summer approaching, Audrey got her own Audrey-sized rocking chair so she can join mommy and daddy sitting on the front porch watching the world go by. The chair was an instant hit.

She also visited the the Stuffed Animal Rescue Foundation‘s petting zoo at the annual neighborhood Violet Crown Arts Festival. As tempting as it was to adopt Victor the rare vampire land walrus, our house is quite full at the moment.


On the communications front, Audrey is still babbling a lot of mama and baba and mostly nonsensible sounds. However, she did learn how to tongue click…

and, in Chinese class, she finally picked up the meaning associated with some of the words as she stuck out her hand when the teacher asked to “wo shou” during the welcome song.




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