Audrey, 11 Months


This last month marks a month FULL of first experiences! Audrey now crawls, pulls up, and climbs on everything. She walks well when holding our hands for help with balance. She now has four teeth (two on the top and two on the bottom) and I sense two more on top coming in soon. She now says “hi” and “bye-bye” when she waves at people, says “uh-oh” when something goes wrong (like dropping a toy), along with her first two words “ma-ma” and “ba-ba.” While she doesn’t quite talk in a distinguishable language, her tones have gotten a lot more complex and she’s definitely got her own distinct baby language, as seen here where she appears to be philosophizing to a tupperware lid:

This month Audrey helped mommy celebrate her first Mother’s Day by making the first entry in mommy’s forever Mother’s Day card,


Attended her first pool party at the Moores’ in Frankston over Memorial Day weekend,


Had her first independent playing time at the neighborhood playground,


And took her first international flight! What fun for Audrey to open and close the windows on the airplane!

Here is Audrey enjoying the baby facilities on our 5 hour layover at the Madrid airport, getting fed breakfast, taking a sweet nap, and getting a bath and a fresh outfit.


This 11 month post is coming live from Toulouse, France! We took the official 11 month photo a few days early, before we left on this month long European adventure.

Weight: 18.1 lbs

Height: 28  in

Hair: Medium brown hair that curls at the ends like Daddy’s.

Eyes: Mostly brown.

Favorite Activity: Practicing walking! Audrey now walks well with us holding her hands and helping her with balance. She’s getting more and more confident with her steps every day. We will probably have a toddling baby (toddler?!?!) on our hands soon. Here is Audrey practicing her walking using a walker, at at the Memorial Day pool party at the Moores’, in the Cathedral in Albi, France, and at a public garden in Toulouse, France.




Fun Adventure: Speaking of France, 11 month old Audrey is currently in the midst of her first international trip! She got her passport stamped for the first time on May 31 and is spending time in southern France and southern Germany with mom, dad, and Grandma Wu as mommy attends various research conferences and daddy attends some work commitments in Sweden.

Some highlights from France:

Mommy and Audrey on the banks of the Garonne,


Greeting people in the streets of Toulouse’s old town,

Enjoying a tour of the Japanese Gardens in Toulouse after a picnic lunch,


Tasting foie gras for the first time and NOT loving it,

Visiting the Saturday market in Albi, France



Discovering an almost Audrey-sized door at the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum:


And dancing with ba-ba in front of the Toulouse modern art museum,





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