Audrey, 12 Months


This post is coming a bit late, my baby is almost 13 months! But yes, Miss Audrey is now an one year old. She now has 6 teeth and says mama, baba, uh-oh, that (when she points to stuff), dat-coo (thank you), and bye. She spent the majority of the last month of her first year in Munich, and then flew back to Texas just in time for her first birthday party! First up, some stats.

Weight: 18.5 lbs

Height: 29 in

Hair: Medium brown hair that curls into a mini afro when it’s humid outside

Eyes: Brown

Favorite Activity: Pointing! See something over here, over there, Audrey loves to point at everything to share her taking in of the world with you! She also loves dancing. Got a beat? This girl is a dancing machine. Here she is dancing to a singing chicken toy in our AirBnB apartment in Munich.

Fun Adventure: Too many to list! Audrey’s had a blast on her 5 week European tour, but one of the highlights for her is definitely the Deutches Museum in Munich. She is a science nerd in training.

We had a shared yard in our apartment in Munich where Audrey mastered going down the toddler slide all by herself! Such a big girl!

She also enjoyed a playdate with Emilia, daughter of a Bea, a Ph.D. student at TUM I met at the IGSSE Conference. It was half Asian baby cuteness overload in the gardens of Nymphenburg Palace in Munich!




In France we enjoyed a day trip to the Cabardes AOC, one of the smallest French wine appellations. Audrey really enjoyed exploring the vineyards at Chateau Salitis.


She also had some new food experiences in Europe, some favorites include German pretzels, French bread, and French macarons!

Audrey sharing a giant pretzel with Ba-Ba at Ostpark’s Michaeligarten (our favorite biergarten out of the five we went to in Munich):


She also had her first Michelin starred dining experience at La Barbacane in Carcassonne, France. She gives two thumbs up for their bread!


It’s also amazing to watch Audrey start to understand words even if she can’t speak them herself. She’s getting good at giving things when asked and putting things back into their containers when we ask her to 收起来了 (clean/tidy it up in Mandarin).

Audrey “giving” mama her toy:

Audrey tidying up and putting her shoe back where it belongs when asked to:

For her birthday party, we encouraged Audrey to practice blowing out her candles so she could be ready for her first birthday cake!

But when the actual party came around, Audrey was far too nervous with all the people watching and singing to her:


But she sure did enjoy her smash cake!



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