Audrey, 13 Months


What an exciting month this has been! So many changes for Miss Audrey in the month after her first birthday. She is now a walker instead of a crawler and has added ball, dut (duck), and boa (book) to her expanding vocabulary. We are still at 6 teeth although 2 more are just on the cusp of cutting through.

Weight: 19.2 lbs

Height: 29.5 in

Hair: Medium brown, curly, pretty much identical to Daddy’s hair

Eyes: Brown

Favorite Activity: Walking! Audrey took her first steps at 12.5 months old and was pretty much a full time walker in just two weeks!

Audrey taking her first steps

Audrey walking well and “fetching” two weeks later

Audrey is still going strong with her love of dancing. She will pretty much bust out her moves anywhere, at home, in front of an ice cream truck….

Audrey loves a good beat

Audrey dances to the music of an ice cream truck

Audrey “tap dances” while sitting

We graduated Audrey to a toddler toothbrush instead of her training toothbrush, and she took to it right away! Brushing her teeth (or at least eating the training toothpaste) is  now one of her favorite daily activities.


In addition to being a pro at putting away her own toys when asked (in Chinese), she also loves to help MaMa and BaBa with household chores. Her favorite tasks include unloading the washer, dryer, and the dishwasher (although I don’t think she quite grasps the concept of loading the same appliances just yet, but she is a pro at unloading!)

Audrey unloading dishwasher

Audrey unloading dryer

Fun Adventure: We took Audrey to the neighborhood pool for the first time this month! She enjoyed a swim in her baby flotation device. The last time she was at Brentwood Pool was about a year ago when she was still in mama’s belly (upside down) and mama was trying to coax her into flipping into the right position by doing inversions in the pool!



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