Audrey, 16 Months


Audrey got her first pair of molars this last month, bringing her total number of teeth to 10. Her vocabulary is growing steadily and she probably has 30 or so words at this point, some new ones include keys, bish (berries), more, eggs, cheese, leaf, goat, car, erduo (ear in Chinese), dog, Katy (her nanny), up, and others I’m forgetting. She knows where her nose is (in English and Chinese!), loves to point to her bellybutton (and will dig in yours if you let her). She now recognizes MaMa and BaBa in photographs, and walks around the house pointing to our framed photos identifying us. She also gives kisses when she’s in a good mood (not always when she’s asked to, she plays hard to get).

Her 16 months stats:

Weight: 20.9 lbs

Height: 31 in

Hair: Brown ringlet curls

Eyes: Brown

Favorite Activity: climbing. Got some stairs or a curb? You’ve got yourself an entertained toddler.

Audrey is still a great help in the kitchen. Cooking with a toddler sous chef is messy and adds time to a recipe, but I really enjoy involving her in the cooking process however I can.


Audrey also has a fun pre-bedtime routine with the “monster” behind the door. See for yourself:

Fun Adventure: Audrey went trick or treating for the first time this year! She was definitely too young to do this on her first Halloween last year, but this year we gave our little walker a new adventure. Audrey and BaBa dressed up as a bowling ball and a pin and we went around our block to a few houses to introduce Audrey to the idea of trick or treating. She caught on pretty quick!



She also went to the zoo for the first time this month. Her favorite part was feeding the animals, of course.


This month also marked Audrey’s first time to participate in voting day. She couldn’t legally vote, but enjoyed being the cute entertainment while all the voters waited in line to exercise their civic duty.


This was quite a travel-intensive month for Audrey. First we headed to Dallas/Fort Worth, where Audrey spent the night at her friend Evan’s house.


On that same trip, she met one of her fellow Bad Ass July Bee babies, Ryder.


We also went to east Texas to celebrate Audrey’s cousin Ben’s birthday, where she had fun playing with pirates’ swords and running wild.



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