Audrey, 17 Months


Audrey got 2 more molars this month, which means she now has 12 teeth! She also has some top canines emerging, so we are well on our way to a mouth full of baby teeth. She now tries to repeat lots of words and phrases that we say, though not always clearly in her toddler speak. She loves to ask for the “pout pout pish” (The Pout Pout Fish) for her bed time story, says “oh no” rather dramatically when she doesn’t want to comply with something MaMa or BaBa asks, and has named her lovey “va-va” and her stuffed panda “baby.” We started putting Audrey on her training potty before bath time this month, and so far she has pee peed in the potty twice! She is also much better with her table manners, though she still uses her fingers to eat when she gets frustrated with the speed of eating with utensils, she’s got the rough mechanics of spoons and forks down!

Her 17 months stats:

Weight: 21.5 lbs

Height: 31.5 in

Hair: Curls curls curls, everywhere

Eyes: Brown

Favorite Activity: Imitating. From wearing MaMa’s shoes, to accessorizing with MaMa’s jewelry, to putting on gardening gloves to help BaBa with yard work, to cleaning up after her own spills, Audrey wants to partake in everything we do.

Fun Adventure: This month, we traveled to Conroe to spend Thanksgiving with both sets of Audrey’s grandparents, where Audrey met her cousins Anthony and Dominic (from Cleveland) for the first time! Below is our best attempt at getting a photo of all the grandchildren together, but Audrey was clearly not cooperating.


Audrey also got to explore downtown Austin with a picnic at Auditorium Shores followed by walking across the Lamar Blvd Pedestrian Bridge.


We also attended Bump Club Austin’s annual holiday party at Foodie Kids, where Audrey got to decorate her own cupcake, a little pastry chef in the making!


And lastly, in true Austinite fashion, Audrey went to her first dive bar this month, a neighborhood favorite since 1969, The Poodle Dog Lounge.



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