Cora, 1 Week New

A lot has changed since the last time I posted! We are still living in a vintage 1950’s house, though we have moved from Austin to Charlottesville. We have completed new home projects and have others planned (posts to come, time permitting). But perhaps most importantly, since the last time I updated, we added a new member to our family! Introducing Baby Cora, 1 week new.


We welcomed Baby Cora on June 7 at 10:36pm via VBAC delivery. That’s quite the birth story to come in a little bit! For now, Baby Cora looks so much like older sister Audrey as a newborn! Even their 1 week stats are shockingly similar.

Weight: 7.1 lbs

Height: 19.5 in

Hair: Fuzzy soft straight dark brown

Eyes: Steel blue/gray

Fun Adventure: Outing with Mama & Nai Nai to Whole Foods! Got to get used to riding in the ring sling so Mama can run her errands with new baby in tow!


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