Cora, 3 Months


Miss Cora is 3 months old! This past month, mama started back at work so Cora has been getting acquainted with her nanny and her new buddy baby Stella. She’s been “talking” up a storm and loves to see her reflection in the mirror. We’ve even been able to get some belly laughs out of her!

Weight: 13.4 lbs

Height: 23.5 in

Hair: Fuzzy soft brown

Eyes: Hazel, turning more brown by the week

Favorite Activity: Looking in the mirror and seeing more than one MaMa or BaBa.

Fun Adventure: Cora has been everywhere in the Ergo baby carrier lately! We still wear her in the Sakura Bloom ring sling for quick grocery store runs and errands but she’s definitely big enough for the Ergo now, which is convenient for longer outings since she sleeps so well in the Ergo. This past month, we made an appearance at BaBa’s company picnic,


hikes in Shenandoah National Park,



And visits to UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello).


Cora also got to tag along on a lunch date to MaMa and BaBa’s favorite restaurant in Charlottesville, Lampo.



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