Cora, 4 Months


How quickly time flies, Cora is already 4 months old! This past month, Cora has started babbling a lot more and is now saying the beginnings of what sounds like “mama.”

Weight: 14.6 lbs

Height: 24 in

Hair: Fuzzy soft brown

Eyes: Pretty much brown with some hints of green around the edges of her pupils


Favorite Activity: Listening to Mama, BaBa, Nanny Trina and Audrey singing. If she’s upset, a song always helps calm her down.

Fun Adventure: Going to the playground for the first time with big sister Audrey! Cora isn’t able to enjoy the playground by herself yet (though we’ll be in the swing pretty soon!) but had a good time watching Audrey run around exploring her favorite playscapes at McGuffey Park.

playgroundCora also gave MaMa and BaBa quite the adventure by having an explosive poop when the whole family went for a relaxing visit to the nail salon. MaMa forgot to bring a spare outfit for Cora, who ended up being the naked baby hanging out at the nail salon.

nailsalonmishapThis past month Cora also went to the Latin American Culture Festival, where she was pretty fascinated by tacos. Soon, my dear, you will also experience the joy of tacos! Solid foods introduction is just around the corner, although I think we probably won’t start with tacos as baby’s first food 😉



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