Cora, 5 Months


Weight: 16.0 lbs

Height: 24.5 in

Hair: Fuzzy soft brown

Eyes: Brown

What’s new in 5 month old Cora’s world? She has started sampling purees of foods, and so far she loves apples, pears, strawberries, and beans. She’s not a big fan of sweet potatoes or avocado.


She’s also learning how to sit up, holding her own sit for a while!

We recently acquired a jumperoo, and jumping has become one of Cora’s favorite activities.


She continues to go out and about town with MaMa and BaBa, she’s quite the cuddle bear and loves to sit on our laps and observe the world.

This last month we also celebrated Halloween. Cora was the cora-pox that Dr. Audrey tried to help prevent in her patients by vaccinating.


One last picture of our cuddly baby. Now that the weather is colder, she’s wearing her soft fleece sleepsacks, and she loves to rub her hands over the soft material.





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