Cora, 6 Months


Weight: 17.0 lbs

Height: 25.5 in

Hair: Fuzzy soft brown

Eyes: Brown

Miss Cora has been with us for half a year! She has been busy being more vocal, and “Mmmm…Ma” is one of her frequently used words. Should we count “mama” as her first word then? She is also sitting stably on her own, and she’s very happy to sit up and observe the world around her.

Cora continues to try purees, although she doesn’t seem to be as enthusiastic eating food as her big sister was around this age. In fact, Big Sis Audrey is just as excited to feed Cora food as she is to eat her own food!


Cora also took her first plane ride this month, traveling to Texas to see all her family over Thanksgiving. She enjoyed hanging out with her great-grandma, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins.

Unfortunately, Cora also got sick for the first time during her visit to Texas, and had to visit an urgent care clinic. Turned out she had a double ear infection!

Back at home, Cora has been interacting more and more with both her siblings. She really loves to watch her big sister chase Lonestar around the house. Soon she will be able to participate!


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