Cora, 7 Months


Weight: 17.8 lbs

Height: 26 in

Hair: Fuzzy soft brown

Eyes: Brown

This past month, Cora has been very focused with using her hands. She is starting to attempt finger foods along with her purees. Her grasp isn’t great yet, and she prefers to feed the dog than feed herself (by dropping her food off of the side of the high chair and watching for Lonestar to come). Here she is attempting to eat steamed carrots with a radial grasp. And to the right, a photo of her clutching onto something as she’s no longer content to just sit, she always wants to be grabbing something!

Cora has also figured out how to clap! Coordinating movement between 2 parts of the body is hard for a baby!

This month, Cora took a trip to Washington DC with the family, enjoying excursions such as The National Museum of American History (where we learned about the history of computing!) and a Korean BBQ restaurant (where Cora tried steamed egg custard and loved every bite).

At home, Cora celebrated her first Christmas (in matching pajamas with her sister) and saw snow for the first time when we went sledding at Wintergreen!




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