Audrey, 19 Months

19 month old Audrey now has all her teeth except her 2 year molars. Her vocabulary is growing steadily and she now says very basic two-word phrases like “hi mama,” “no baba,” etc. This month, Audrey figured out how to jump with both feet off the ground. She had a fun time doing this with NaiNai … Continue reading

Audrey, 18 Months

With 2 top canines in and the bottom ones coming right behind, 18-month old Audrey has almost all her baby teeth (except the 2 year molars). Imitation is the name of the name when it comes to verbal communication, as Audrey tries to repeat everything we say. Her most advanced vocabulary group has to do … Continue reading

Audrey, 17 Months

Audrey got 2 more molars this month, which means she now has 12 teeth! She also has some top canines emerging, so we are well on our way to a mouth full of baby teeth. She now tries to repeat lots of words and phrases that we say, though not always clearly in her toddler … Continue reading

Audrey, 16 Months

Audrey got her first pair of molars this last month, bringing her total number of teeth to 10. Her vocabulary is growing steadily and she probably has 30 or so words at this point, some new ones include keys, bish (berries), more, eggs, cheese, leaf, goat, car, erduo (ear in Chinese), dog, Katy (her nanny), up, … Continue reading

Audrey, 14 and 15 Months

Oops, mama’s been a little busy these last couple of months and it looks like Audrey’s 14 and 15 month updates are going to be a 2-for-1. Audrey now has 8 teeth and a couple of molars about to break through. She’s been a champ with teething so far, we usually can’t even tell she’s … Continue reading