Cora, 9 Months

Weight: 18.6 lbs Height: 27 in Hair: Fuzzy soft brown Eyes: Brown This month Cora got… teeth! Her first two teeth peeked through this month. Along with teeth, Cora’s self-feeding skills are improving daily. We are almost at the point where baby-led weaning is truly baby-led! Cora is not quite yet crawling, but enjoying exploring the world around her. … Continue reading

Cora, 8 Months

  Weight: 18.1 lbs Height: 26.5 in Hair: Fuzzy soft brown Eyes: Brown This month, Cora has been busy working on her social and communication skills. She now says Mama and Baba, and is starting to mouth first syllables of words like “pah” for “puff” and “buh” for “bye-bye.” She is also starting to interact much more with older … Continue reading

Cora, 7 Months

Weight: 17.8 lbs Height: 26 in Hair: Fuzzy soft brown Eyes: Brown This past month, Cora has been very focused with using her hands. She is starting to attempt finger foods along with her purees. Her grasp isn’t great yet, and she prefers to feed the dog than feed herself (by dropping her food off of the side of … Continue reading

Cora, 6 Months

Weight: 17.0 lbs Height: 25.5 in Hair: Fuzzy soft brown Eyes: Brown Miss Cora has been with us for half a year! She has been busy being more vocal, and “Mmmm…Ma” is one of her frequently used words. Should we count “mama” as her first word then? She is also sitting stably on her own, and she’s very happy … Continue reading

Cora, 5 Months

Weight: 16.0 lbs Height: 24.5 in Hair: Fuzzy soft brown Eyes: Brown What’s new in 5 month old Cora’s world? She has started sampling purees of foods, and so far she loves apples, pears, strawberries, and beans. She’s not a big fan of sweet potatoes or avocado. She’s also learning how to sit up, holding her own sit for … Continue reading