Cora’s Birth Story

Life is ironic. Recall Audrey’s birth story 3 years ago, a rather uneventful c-section delivery due to breech position that disappointed a mama who had invested 9 months of time into reading about natural births, water births, hypno-birthing, etc. Still, it was a relatively calm birth story, after I came to terms with Audrey’s breech position … Continue reading

Bye Bye Baby, Hello Toddler: Weaning, Postpartum Bodies, Oh My!

Some define the beginning of toddlerhood as when babies turn 1 year old. Others define it as when babies start to “toddle,” or walk. Since Audrey wasn’t walking at her 1st birthday, she definitely didn’t feel like a toddler at 12 months old. Even at 13 months, when she was walking well, she still didn’t … Continue reading

1 Year of Motherhood: Reflections from a Nursing Mom

Tomorrow my baby turns 1. 1 year old. On her first ever birthday. Exactly 1 year ago on this day she broke my water while in utero. The trickling of the amniotic fluid was so slow, I didn’t even know anything had happened. Exactly 1 year ago I went to bed for a blissful 8 … Continue reading

9 Months On, 9 Months Off

Today, 3 days away from the “9 months on, 9 months off” imaginary postpartum weight loss deadline I gave myself, I completed my first race running with Audrey in tow (in the BOB stroller). I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to run 6.2 miles pushing a 25 lb stroller and a 16.5 lb … Continue reading

I am THAT Mom: Thoughts on the 4th Trimester

Baby girl Audrey is no longer a newborn, we’ve survived the fourth trimester! Meanwhile, with every baby giggle, babble, and coo, I find myself turning more and more into THAT mom. Let me explain. I was never a baby person. Sure, I found kids cute in an “all small things are cute” kind of way, … Continue reading