Nursery for Baby & Office for Mom

With the house in full baby count-down mode, I realized I had better blog about our nursery/office/guest room before I’m fully submerged in the world of new mommyhood! Not surprisingly, the theme behind this tri-purpose room is storage and organization. Efficient storage is simply a coerced way of life in a small living space. I … Continue reading

Stolmen in My Closet

The room we were using as our office/guest bedroom had those 1950’s twin reach-in closets. You know, two side by side closets where neither one is big enough to hold anything substantial? Then one day we had a revelation. Why don’t we knock down the wall between the two closets and make one big closet? … Continue reading

DIY Wall of Spice

As much as I love organizing, food gets the honor of being my first love.  That’s probably why this wall of spice has thus far been my favorite organization project.  I have a rather large collection of eclectic spices, and it always bothered me that my spice bottles weren’t homogeneous (McCormick doesn’t carry Sichuan peppercorns, … Continue reading

Makeup Drawer Remake

I’m no beauty product junkie, but have somehow still managed to accumulate quite a bit of makeup.  At the previous house, I had the luxury of extra counter space for all the makeup trays and bags and brushes I wanted to pile up.  However, anyone who lives in a older home knows that precious counter … Continue reading