Nursery for Baby & Office for Mom

With the house in full baby count-down mode, I realized I had better blog about our nursery/office/guest room before I’m fully submerged in the world of new mommyhood! Not surprisingly, the theme behind this tri-purpose room is storage and organization. Efficient storage is simply a coerced way of life in a small living space. I … Continue reading

Stolmen in My Closet

The room we were using as our office/guest bedroom had those 1950’s twin reach-in closets. You know, two side by side closets where neither one is big enough to hold anything substantial? Then one day we had a revelation. Why don’t we knock down the wall between the two closets and make one big closet? … Continue reading

Utilizing Vertical Space with Open Shelving

One of the small space design tips I’ve been trying to stick to is maximizing the usage of vertical space.  These Sloan units from Crate and Barrel are the perfect vertical space “utilizer” for our dining room.  The shelves provide tons of storage (see closeup below, I’m actually storing my serving plates and bowls on … Continue reading

Versatile Storage Starts with IKEA Expedit

It’s a window seat… It’s a console table… It’s a bookshelf? The IKEA Expedit series are some of the most versatile storage solutions I’ve found.  In the office,  a single column 5-unit Expedit shelf sits on its side with a long cushion (covered in Majken in green) serves as a window seat.  Green Kassett magazine boxes … Continue reading

DIY Wall of Spice

As much as I love organizing, food gets the honor of being my first love.  That’s probably why this wall of spice has thus far been my favorite organization project.  I have a rather large collection of eclectic spices, and it always bothered me that my spice bottles weren’t homogeneous (McCormick doesn’t carry Sichuan peppercorns, … Continue reading