Audrey, 9 Months


You’ll notice a couple of different things in this monthly photo from all the previous ones. For one, we’ve added rail protectors to the crib, because Audrey is now pulling to standing! Second, Audrey is a much more active baby these days and it is hard to get her to sit still for these photos! We bribed her with an Audrey-sized stuffed panda and only got about 30 seconds of stillness. On the bright side, she provides Daddy with the best greeting everyday when he comes home.

In the last month, Audrey has also started waving hello and good-bye and gotten her first two teeth!


Weight: 16.4 lbs

Height: 27 in (we’ve switched over to the convertible car seat!)

Hair: Fuzzy medium brown, gets wavy when wet or in humid weather. It’s finally starting to grow a bit!

Eyes: Brown with a ring of green around the edges of her pupils

Favorite Activity: Waving! Tell Audrey hello or good-bye and she’s sure to flap her little hands at you. Sometimes she gets so excited about it she waves both hands 😉

Fun Adventure: Audrey attended her first music concert during SXSW! She saw Wild Child, Lucius, and Typhoon at KUTX Live at the Four Seasons! She rocked out with fellow Brentwood resident Bonny in their adorable hearing-protection headphones. She also took the CapMetro Red Line train for the first time to get to and from the concert!



Audrey experienced her first Texas bluebonnet season. This baby was absolutely fascinated!


Audrey went to Houston this month to celebrate Grandpa F.’s birthday and visited with her cousins Kaylynn and Ben and her great grandmother (Gigi!)



Audrey celebrated Mommy’s 31st birthday with an outing to the Farmhouse Delivery Fais a Do Do Gumbo Cookoff, where she had her first taste of gumbo!


This last month we also switched Audrey to a nannyshare with another family in our neighborhood with a baby 2 months younger than Audrey. She loves the additional one-on-one attention with her new nanny Katy and is showing baby Nicolette all the ropes of growing up!


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